Fall in Love with Orange

Does orange add that starburst feeling in your room?

Here's why you should make use of this vibrant colour!


1. Emotions

Colours can do more than spruce up your living space. Orange can help your emotional well-being as it prompts feelings of warmth and happiness.

Moreover, children can benefit from bright colours. A sporadic distribution of orange in your room can improve moods and spark creativity. It gives them a wholesome feeling of independence which can overall drive passion.


2. Combination fun

As an underused colour, orange is unique and can capture the eyes of your guests. White and orange goes well together. The vibrant orange and calm hues from white will offset each other, adding cosiness to your living space. If your room has plenty of natural light, it makes it look wider and more spacious. In a kitchen setting, both colours can be used to achieve a contemporary and modern look. 

For a bolder look, try navy blue and orange in your bedroom. The cool blue creates an everlasting coastal vibe and orange, a sunny and bright disposition. Keep your living space fun in the day and cosy at night.

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