Why Wallpapers?

A room, much like a walk-in wardrobe, revolves around a theme which can set the mood for guests and home owners alike. Wallpapers are the basic foundation to accentuate a room’s strong points, while masking the weaker side.

The overwhelming fear of excessive spending can be a big concern for many. On Outlet Deals 4 Reno, we are an integrated e-commerce platform that offers great deals at affordable prices. Our premium European wallpapers are from S$3 onwards. Revamping your home has never been this easy and convenient while enjoying great savings!

So, why are wallpapers beneficial to your room?



We all live in an age where we want to impress. Affordable wallpapers can allow us to try out new trends and styles periodically.

A smooth transition from a seasonal celebration to a home office can be done seamlessly without burning a hole in your wallets. Satisfy your creative urges whichever style, patterns or colours. So, why not experiment with more affordable wallpapers now! 

With wallpapers, you can create and try out colour themes.



Where do you use these wallpapers?

  • A safe sanctuary for nurseries
  • New rooms: Study rooms, entertainment room, power rooms, walk in wardrobes
  • General walls: Corridor, dining & living rooms


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