Why Use Purple?

The calmness of blue and the fiery passion of red culminates into a beautiful colour, purple.

Prep yourself for Deepavali coming up in a months’ time! Celebrate the Festival of Lights and turn your home interiors into a space worthy of AWE. Playing with hues, purple remains a popular option for this festival as the colour emanates love warmth and royalty.

We’ll show you the how purple can benefit in each room setting.


1. Living Room

Purple radiates royalty and can set the tone of your whole house. Used as a dominant colour, it can communicate confidence and luxury.

However, it can be used a contrasting colour to existing tones. Add a sense of daringness when you couple it with conservative colours such as brown and blue.


2. Dining Room

Iconic shades of purple can accentuate the power of nature. Lavender, bellflowers and lilac are some examples of lighter tones that serve as a resemblance to greenery and nourishment. The feminine colour will always stay fresh and capture the hearts of your guests.


3. Bedroom

The abode of calmness and comfort – the perfect sanctuary. Applying the right shade of purple in your bedroom can draw comfort, delicacy and feelings of romanticism. Complement purple with neutral tones such as grey/silver, beige or light blue and set your mind into a relaxing and deep slumber.

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