Why Engineered Timber?

Experiencing the natural sheen of wood on your feet is breath taking. Widely recognized to transform rooms, engineered timber floors exude tranquility and is therefore a popular option for many homeowners. 

Besides looking aesthetically pleasing, they also provide functional benefits.

Here are several reasons why they are great.


1. Cleanliness

Engineered timber floors adopt a classic warm look with their sleek finish. They do not retain odours, stains or dust unlike carpets. Sweeping, vacuuming or mopping becomes convenient, thus ensuring hygiene. This is beneficial for people with allergies.

Enjoy a hassle-free maintenance with this popular option.


2. Durability & Long-term investment

Engineered timber floors are an excellent investment as they are more durable than other surfaces. Engineered floorings are more stable due to its layered construction. finishes are able to stand active work spaces and heavy foot traffic. Due to the longevity, replacements are less frequent and they look better as the years go by. 

3. Eco Friendly

Ideal for commercial, residential and hospitality. Our options of timber floorings are environmentally friendly and certified.

Studies have shown that engineered timber boasts a wealth of health advantages. Being close to a nature like state can induce positive effects such as stress relieves, optimism and relaxation.



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