What's Your Style?

The first step to decorating any home is to define what style do you want for your home. Do you want your home to feel like a hotel? Or do you want it to be living in a treehouse? By defining the style of your home you are able to make your home a reflection of you while still feel cosy. Confused to what kind of style you have? Well we have put a together a list of some styles to help you.

1. Classic: A lover of regal old world charms

2. Contemporary: A sleek, chic and modern style

3. Resort: The rustic aesthetics with modern elegance

4. Floral: The admirer of nature, lover of the garden blossoms 

5. Geometric: Unconventional patterns in bold shapes and solid colours

6. Tribal: Exciting, bold animal and textured prints 

7. Ethnic: Where the east meets west 

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