Quick Guide to Decorating

Decorating your home always felt like a dream that anyone would look forward to. Only when your finally have to do it, often many people feel stumped and frustrated not knowing where and how to start this journey. Have no fear, we have a quick guide to helping you start your decorating journey. Here are 6 HOT TIPS to successfully decorate your spaces!
1. Always plan a budget before going shopping
2. Have a detailed floor plan to help with your budget and browse samples that relate to your theme and other elements of your décor
3. Determine the use of the room and establish a them to determine the overall ambience
4. Think about having a feature wall to add colour and depth to your space. A feature wall would help to unite the room’s décor together
5. Consider the furniture and accessories in the room before deciding on a scheme
6. Select fabrics according to the amount of light in the room
RULE OF THUMB: Remember to make your home feel like your home! Add a personal touch to it.
Happy Decorating!

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