Kids' Room Inspirations

The march holidays are here! schools out and the kids are out to play. Bring your kid’s personality and energy into their rooms. A child’s room is their playground. Get creative with your child to design their dream rooms. Lacking some inspiration? Here are some ideas to get started your creative juices.

1. Bring on the colour!
Every kid has their favourite colour, why not splatter it all around. Find fun patterned wallpaper that your child would love.

2. Functional yet fun
Make use of wall space by finding some interesting knobs or hangers that gives extra storage space but still keeps it fun!

3. Make it cosy
In the end kids are like us adults, they get tired. Make their room feels cosy and comfy by loading their bed with comfortable sheets and pillows. Put their favorite stuff toys on their bed or nearby for them to snuggle with.

4. Bring their imagination to life!
Colourful designs with animals, flowers and cars will ignite a child’s imagination and give them an insight to the world we live in.

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