Make your Home look more Luxurious

Scrolling through your Pinterest board full of luxurious and sophisticated living spaces, you wonder how can your home look that way. Often times you would think to achieve the luxurious look will cost a lot and require a large spacious living room or bedroom with high ceilings. This is not necessary, you can make your living spaces look more luxurious without the luxurious price tag! Here are a few simple tips on how to achieve the luxurious ambience for your home.

1. Use Neutral Tones
Choose tones of grey, light browns, whites and blacks to achieve a luxurious ambience to your living spaces. These are classic colours that you can never go wrong with. Use different tones and textures to add dimension to your room creating the illusion of a large living space. A neutral colour scheme will also create a calmer and relaxing environment. Neutral tones make your room more elegant and achieve the luxurious feel.

2. Add Sculptures
Introduce sculptures and interesting art pieces to make your spaces less flat and boring. One key components to any Pinterest-like luxurious living room is quirky items, be it vintage vases to coffee table books. Items like these do not have to be expensive and you might already have some things like this. Prop them in your living spaces to achieve the luxurious and elegant vibe.

3. Drape your windows
Install floor length curtains and drapes to dress up any room. These add colour and texture to your room. It is a beautiful and practical component to finish off your living spaces. Curtains also give the illusion of a higher ceiling adding elegance to your room.


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