Caring tips for Fabrics!

Here are 9 tips on how to care for your fabrics!
  1. Separate man-made fabrics, like polyester from natural fibers such as cotton. Man-made fibers can attract the oils that are released from natural fibers during washing. These oils can build-up and make spots more noticeable
  2. Fabrics which generate lint should be washed separately.
  3. If dyes run, continue to wash the garment separately until no color runs.
  4. Lift and gently scrape off any excess material from the fabric. Use a cloth or a towel to gently blot and soak up any liquid. DO NOT rub. Rubbing can spread the stain and cause it to penetrate deeper into the fabric.
  5. If stains aren’t entirely removed after washing, try rewashing the item.
  6. Allowing the item to dry, or putting it in the dryer, can set the stain for good.
  7. If the washer is too full, the fabric may not get washed properly. Also, all the detergent may not be dissolved, leaving globs of detergent paste on the fabric.
  8. Wash in hot/warm water using a permanent-press cycle to minimize wrinkling. If your machine does not have a permanent-press cycle, use warm/cool water.
  9. DO NOT allow fabrics to be left in the dryer too long, which can “set” wrinkles, increase static cling, and cause shrinkage.

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