Caring tips for Wallpaper!

What do you notice when you enter a room? 
Well most people would say the walls. 

When carefully chosen, the right wallpaper can provide for the entire room. The designs on the wall will attract almost anyone’s attention. No décor or luxurious furniture can light up the room the way wallpaper does. In other terms, walls play an important role in interior design. 
Thus it is important care for your wallpaper to maintain its original shine and shimmer. 

Here are some tips to help you care for your walls!

  • Remove ordinary household dirt or smudges with mild soap and warm water.
  • Use a hard bristle brush to remove dirt from the embossed texture.
  • Clean with clean water and cleaner from the top down with a sponge. When cleaning is completed, clean the wall again with clean water to remove any residual cleaner.
  • Many cleaners will deteriorate with time to leave an amber stain on the wallcovering surface.
  • Dry the surface with a soft, lint-free cloth or towel with a blotting action rather than rubbing.
  • For a more difficult surface stain, use a stronger detergent according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • DO NOT use steel wool or powdered abrasive cleaners as it will cause undesirable appearance on the surface.
  • DO NOT use active solvent-type cleaning preparations, such as nail polish remover, tar and bug removers, et cetera, because they will remove the surface paint and/or wallcovering’s protective finish

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