How do colours affect a child’s learning?

DID YOU KNOW? Studies show that using colors can improve learning by 55 % – 78 % and understanding by 73 %.

Therefore, select interior furnishings that can be used to evoke a child’s learning abilities.

Here’s how you could make use of the colours to reveal the children’s own individual creativity. Create a conducive learning environment by using the following colours:

  1. Red:
  • When red color is used in conjunction with repetitive or detail-oriented tasks, it appears to improve focus and performance. Red colour is able to make one feel more energized and is often associated with rich and elegant. Replace it with wallpapers that can match the colours of the furniture in the study room.

  1. Pink:
  • Pink has a calming influence and has been shown to reduce heart rate. The feminine aspect also matches well with carpet rugs that would give your interior space that warm classy design. The dramatic impact makes the playing area to be a romantic and sentimental one.

  1. Orange:
  • Orange stimulates critical thinking and memory. You can use orange encourages children to feel playful. Dress your walls in this playful colour with wallpaper. 

  1. Yellow:
  • Yellow in small amounts naturally can make us feel happy. Now you know how wonderful yellow is – it brightens up your mood and adds the energy to your living spaces. It is almost like bringing the sunshine and nature into your learning spaces.


  1. Green:
  • Green appears to be relaxing and may even contribute to physical health. The smell from the forest and the feeling when surrounded by a green natural environment tells us we are safe. Add plants into your spaces. 


  1. Blue:
  • Blue appears to stimulate creativity and can help you achieve a state of calm relaxation. Children will definitely feel more relaxed by just looking at blue wallpapers even though it doesn’t actually lower the temperature literally, but it makes us feel cooler.


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