Going all Red

Colours play an important role in our home. It affects our emotions, moods and well-being. Thus, choosing a colour for our designated living space may be challenging.

However, fret not! Here are some helpful tips on how to work around specific colours.

As it’s Singapore’s 54th National Birthday this year, we take a look at the colour RED. Use it to your advantage to create an inviting yet productive space.

1. Increased level of passion

Red wallcoverings gives a resonant and stimulating aspect for your rooms. It can often indicate a feeling of threat. However, the vibrant colour can increase heart rates and invoke an escalated level of passion. A warmer shade works wonders. Red  is also known to increase appetite and thus is widely used in kitchens.

2. Energy Boosting

This fiery hue can equally inspire feelings love and energy.

Often described as warm and intense, it is often seen as an exciting colour and can evoke feelings of love and comfort. Avoid using too much red as it can it be over-stimulating.


3. Combinations Galore

There are a lot of colors that work well with red because it is such a flexible color. One  example will be blue.


A culmination of both colours will definitely go hand in hand. According to studies, red boosts performance on detail-oriented tasks such as memory retrieval. For creative tasks such as brainstorming, a shade of blue wallcoverings prompted twice as many creative thoughts! 

Try experimenting! Be bold and use red to your ultimate advantage.

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