Going all White

Going all white for your walls can give home owners the freedom of self-expression. White walls can create a harmonious interior space constructed against your furniture, carpet and home accessories.

Find out three ways to use white for your living space.


1. Colour Tones and Textures

Matching the white wallcovering with the right lighting is critical. A room with lots of natural light is likely to look warmer and to offset it, a cooler shade of white is required. Rooms that are equipped with fluorescent lightings on the other hand, must be offset with a warmer shade of white.

Dynamic designs of home accessories can stand out more against a white background.

2. Clean Look

White gives the impression of a clean and a spacious look, making it ideal for feature wall of a small space. The peaceful and minimalist colour can inject feelings of innocence, goodness and freshness. In addition, white can make your room appear large, airy and wholesome.

Having an all-white concept, you can notice instantly the various spots that need cleaning. But having a clean room can raise your energy levels and look welcoming.


3. Focal Point

As white is a visually appealing colour, it stands out naturally as it reflects light. It is a brilliant colour to accentuate areas that would be visually appealing to your eyes. Use white wallcoverings to fabrics to create a focal point so as to place your home accessories or paintings.

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