New Home? Getting married? Get design tips to create a cosy bedroom

To most couples, especially the newlyweds, bedroom is one of the most important parts of their home. It is one of the spaces inside their homes where they will be spending most of their time together. Bedroom is also considered as couples’ private space. Newlyweds are eyeing for a bedroom that can help build their relationship, elevate the romance while also giving them a comfortable sleep together.

It is said that the design of the room is one of the best ways to strengthen the romantic ambience of the room. Getting married soon? Here are some designing tips on designing to create a more romantic bedroom.

1. Complement neutral colours with bold ones – A neutral-coloured room can look boring. It can lower the mood of the room. To make look livelier, paint the wall with bold colours that complement the overall colour of the room. Using wallpaper can also do the job. Look for available wallpaper designs that can create a strike without sacrificing the overall look of the room.

2. Add personal touches – The couple should ultimately feel that the decoration of the bedroom is their own personal space. To do this, create an accent that will represent the personality of the couple. It can be paintings, photos or as simple as personally picking the vinyl flooring or wall design of the room.

3. Include nicely-arranged plants – It can be inside the room or if there is a veranda outside the room, adding plants in a pot or flowers in a vase can make a difference. Look for flowering plants that match the outdoor decking design of your veranda and see how this will bloom like your relationship.

4. Invest in a comfortable bed – More than the design, it is the comfortable bed that the couple must invest. A good night sleep creates a good impact to the mood of the couple. Part of being married is sharing a bed with the partner so it is very important the couple will feel relaxed while spending time together. A beautifully designed bedroom only provides half the romantic ambience. You can find a carpet or any flooring material to make the room look completely comfortable or perfect lighting to set the mood, but it is always important that the couple wears a matching attitude. Only this can make the relationship last longer.

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