Carpet Tile Designs for Offices

Add professionalism to your office flooring. Modular carpet tiles may be your answer from it's flexibility to balance your aesthetic preference with functional benefits.  

These modular tiles (50cm x 50cm) are easy to install and replace. Simply a perfect option for flooring.

Check out the various flooring inspirations. 



1. Eye catching pattern

A statement making carpet tile with an eye-catching pattern will set the tone of the office. The reception should be welcoming while an office space professional. All in all, a modern yet refined carpet tile design would impact the influence it has on an office space.


2. Shades of Colours

Different rooms can stand out by opting for a different theme or colour zone. A great way to do that will be using a combination of mixing carpet tiles with two contrasting shades to achieve this effect.

A dark setting with tints of colour sporadically spread out makes the space look fun and modern. A lighter theme with vibrant colours can make employees feel welcomed and fosters better work vibes. You can recolour carpet tiles representing your corporate colours!

Without taking away the seriousness of a corporate setting, the right use of carpet tiles can achieve a mix of formality and design sense.



3. Regular patterned

A subtle, yet aesthetic floor treatment. A regular patterned carpet tile is a great option without being too aggressive or loud. This will be great for a universal office solution. A simple carpet design can be a perfect fit for standardised upholstery such as your office desks, chairs and cubicles.




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