Brilliant Ways to make a Small Room Look Bigger!

In a small space, everything counts. They can feel confining and uncomfortable.  If you have small-ish rooms in your home that you’ve been challenged with, here are some tips to trick the eyes into thinking the room is bigger than it is.  

  1. Breathing Space

Shoving furniture against the wall doesn’t guarantee a room will appear larger. Beds can be angled to corners, or leave a space between the sofa and the wall does the trick. Simple breathing room around your furniture lends the appearance of more space.

  1. Wallcovering with light hues

Pale hues such as dusty greys, misty blues, powder pink, mint green, creams, or even shades of light yellow wallcoverings can make a room look airy and spacious!

3. Use multifunction pieces

Invest in quality furniture that serve multiple functions: a side table can hide a pouf, an large round coffee table can provide hidden storage, sofas can be converted into beds, etc. There are currently many creations out there if you are willing to explore and talk to brand owners.

4. Use Mirrors

Mirrors are the best trick to make a room appear larger. A large floor-standing mirror placed in front of a dining table can double up the dining space in an instant. Placing mirrors facing windows help to reflect light and make the room appear larger.

5. Fold it up, stowaway

If you don’t entertain often, then a foldable dining table or one with drop leaves can actually provide more space. Drop-leaf tables can accommodate two more persons to join the dining gang but when the party is over, you can fold away to have more space.

6. Keep curtains simple

It is wise to keep the window aesthetic clean and crisp while drawing the eye to the green vistas outside. If you need to have some privacy, opt for gauzy sheers that look sleek and sophisticated without weighing the room down visually.

7. One statement piece

Yes, just invest in one large prominent furniture piece in a room. If you opt for a large L-shaped sofa, this can pull the eye towards it while the smaller pieces help to complement the look. A bespoke statement chair in a corner can achieve this trick.

8. Wallcovering for the ceiling

Cover your ceiling a darker colour to give depth to a room. It also draws the eyes upward thereby creating an illusion of height!

9. Go with less

Decorative accents smaller than a cantaloupe can make any display or setting appear smaller. Rather than having a cluster of small vases on a display, opt for 3 large bases in varying forms to make the display look larger. Yes fewer decorations make spaces look bigger!

10. Go Stripes!

A striped carpet rug will make your room look elongated! Orient the stripes to the length of your room to have optimal effect.

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