4 Ways to Achieve the High SES look

For those on tight budgets who aren’t looking to shell out thousands of dollars on an interior designer just to get your homes looking Instagram worthy, here’s a little pocket-friendly home inspiration for you.

If you think that wallpaper and vinyl flooring belong in the 80s, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your life choices. Here are 4 ways to achieve the looks of the homes of ordinary and mega high SES (social economic status) folks.

1. Transform your walls into posters of your favourite sights.

They say you can often tell a lot about a person's character from the inside of their home. Let your home be a living expression of who you are.  Use wallpaper take paints a picture of your favourite sights or even your favourite movies or book.

2. Use a colourful feature wall for your bed's backdrop

While headboards add stylish flair to your bedroom, a colourful feature wall does the job just as well - if not, better since it’s a statement piece that’ll catch your attention.

3. Create the illusion of space with bright geometric wallpaper

The go-to trick for cosier areas is to go bright and impactful. That doesn’t necessarily mean sticking with neutral palettes - instead, consider something like striped prints that trick the eye into thinking the space is bigger than it is

4. Get your bedroom looking just like Shangri-La

If you love your staycations, it might be the best choice to model your new bedroom after a room in your favourite 5-star hotel. Not only will your room look perpetually photogenic, the wallpaper means you can go without a headboard and your bed won't look bare.

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