3 Tips to Promote Your Child's Imagination!

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 “Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.”

- Albert Einstein

Schools out! The kids are out to play. Encourage your child’s imagination with a creative space filled with things they love to ignite their minds.

Here are 3 tips to promote your child’s imagination!

Tip 1: Inject Some Fun!

Wall murals are amazing what to inject fun into any space. Choose one that would not look out of place in any room in the house but still fire the imagination of your child. There is certainly something for your child among our wide and affordable range of wallpaper.

Tip 2: Textures and Prints!

Ensuring your child’s personality is shown through their room décor is key. As they grow up their interests change. Easiest way to show that is through the use of a carpet rug and their curtains. These can be easily changed over time.

Tip 3:Play with colour!

Research done by many psychologists has shown that certain colours promote creativity and stimulate the brain. Colours such as reds ignite passion and yellow is the colour of creativity. Add these primary colours into your child’s room by changing up their wallpaper or just simply changing their bedsheets or pillow cases.

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